Susan Frost

Executive Assistant


Meet Susan Frost

Executive Assistant

"Don't dream it. Be it." – From the movie, Rocky Horror Picture Show

Susan Frost has an eye for art, an agile mind and a heart of gold.

She is a graduate of Florida Atlantic University in Florida, where she received a bachelor’s degree in fine art. During school, this Navy brat had worked as a teller for Bank of America but after graduation, moved to the corporate offices where she worked for the legal and support departments.

After her then-boyfriend, now-husband, Eric received a job offer to work up north where he grew up, the couple moved to the King of Prussia area. Susan was able to transfer to another Bank of America position in remarketing and was given more responsibility in various roles over time.

As her family grew, her interests did as well, and Susan received her Certification for Medical Billing and Coding from Drexel University. She then began working in the healthcare field with Main Line Health in the Paoli Hospital Emergency Department eventually parlaying her financial background as a billing analyst for Main Line Health. While she enjoyed her work, she found that the commute and the cost of daycare for her second child was not worth the expense. Susan decided to take the time to be a stay-at-home mom.

When it came time to reenter the workforce, Susan went back to her financial-career roots and combined that with her love of helping people by joining the team at Key Financial Inc where she is Patti’s executive assistant.

Susan, Eric, their daughters Olivia and Emma, live in Downingtown. Susan enjoys making jewelry, cooking, and movie nights with her family.

Get to Know Me

What would your personal reality show be called?

My show would be called Not a Lazy Susan, of course.

If you could possess one super-human power, what would it be?

Telepathy and telekinesis.

What would your childhood friends find surprising about you as an adult?

I still love superheroes and Star Wars. I never grew out of it. I still pick up the occasional comic book, I love movies, and I even go to comic book conventions.

My Hobbies


This or That ...


Coke or Pepsi?

Neither. I brew my own kombucha


Chocolate or Vanilla?

Chocolate (always)


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