Michelle Murtoff

Planning Consultant


Meet Michelle Murtoff

Planning Consultant

"We cannot change the cards we are dealt, just how we play the hand." – Randy Pausch

A graduate of West Chester University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Finance and Management. Prior to joining Key Financial, Michelle was a Financial Planning Coordinator at a financial planning firm. This practical experience has been an added value to Michelle’s already impressive financial background – allowing her to "hit the ground running" when she joined our Strategic Planning team.

Originally from South Jersey, Michelle grew up riding horses and competing in hunters. What makes this particularly impressive is that she stands barely over 5 feet! While tiny in stature, her heart is huge. She has always had an interest in philanthropy and is particularly passionate about The Casey Feldman Foundation and CHOP. She has hosted a 5K to benefit this distracted driving foundation and a 5k to benefit the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.

Michelle lives in West Chester with her husband Colin. In her spare time, you can find her hiking and enjoying the outdoors with her dog Jackson. It seems as another dog lover has joined the ranks of the Key Financial team!

Get to Know Me

What is your favorite 90's jam and why?

Smells Like Teen Spirit by Nirvana. This song was a favorite in my house. It was played at every car ride and family function I can remember.

If you could possess one super-human power, what would it be?

I would want to be able to understand every language spoken. That way when I travel I could understand everyone, no matter what country I was in.

What do you look forward to?


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Dr. Pepper


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