Laura Richards

Key Client Specialist


Meet Laura Richards

Key Client Specialist

Laura brings 25+ years of experience in finance and healthcare. From her experience in client services to key account management, Laura brings her passion for client advocacy and support. She excels in getting to know her clients and assisting them with important life changes, which she considers to be the best part of her job. Laura also has a background in hospitality, retail, the moving business, and even did a small stint in magazines.

Laura lives in Parkesburg with her husband, Steve, and her dog, Niblet. Laura has a passion for the southwest, especially Arizona where her dad was born and raised. Laura loves to cook and entertain and often likes to try new recipes/cooking techniques on her unsuspecting dinner guests. She is an avid reader, sometimes finishing more than one book in a two—week period.

Laura is a diehard Phillies Phan and met her now husband during the first game of the 2009 World Series —we won!! She has been to Spring training at least 14 times and was lucky enough to get to meet a lot of the 2008 team. Laura got her passion for this team from her mother who was always listening to games called by the late, great Harry Kalas on her transistor radio. She used to think her mother was nuts for getting so worked up over the plays but now she understands as she herself has ripped up pillows and even broken things by accident in the heat of the moment.

Laura also loves spending time with her family and friends and believes that a great sense of humor is essential to a good life.

Get to Know Me

What's the greatest lesson you've learned in life thus far?

The greatest lesson I leamed in life thus far is from a saying my father instilled in me whenever I doubted myself. There were many times in my youth when I was told "Can't means wont!" I continue to repeat this simple yet powerful piece of advice to my four children. If you think you cannot accomplish a goal, you will not. So therefore, TRY! And if you fall, you WILL get back up, and it will only make YOU that much stronger and confident to try again.

At the office I can't live without:

Kind and supportive co-workers. And laughter!

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