At Key Financial, comprehensive financial planning is proactive, comprehensive, and takes into consideration your tax situation, your wants and needs, and your family for the rest of your life.

We can analyze your tax situation each year and make proactive recommendations accordingly. We bring awareness to tax deductions and advice on income tax strategies such as tax loss harvesting, back door Roth IRAs, and optimizing your employee benefits. For example, do you have a deferred compensation plan at your company? What are the pros and cons of that plan and should you participate in it?

Comparative Data Analysis to Know What Works for You

Should you consider a Roth Conversion? How about a Roth 401k? Should you hold your bonds in the IRA or outside? What are your required minimum distributions going to be and how will they affect your taxes in retirement? We’ll get your questions answered by comparing your numbers side by side.

Planning Ahead

Tax impacts can be hard hits. While we are not accountants or CPAs, we try to anticipate the ramifications on your retirement income so we can take action now. Are you considering downsizing your home or moving to a retirement community? We can model these types of scenarios to see both the impact from a cash flow perspective and on tax savings.