Isn’t it a relief when you walk out of the doctor’s office with a clean bill of health? At Key Financial, monitoring cash flow along with your plan seeks to work exactly the same way.

Good or Bad, We Aren’t Big Fans of Budgets

Budgets sound so restrictive, yet it is important to define your cash flow needs and wants. Life is about choices and a good cash flow plan balances current needs with future needs – making your financial objectives attainable.

Your Financial Future

A cash flow plan also takes into consideration your fixed expenses and answers questions such as: “Should we refinance our mortgage?” or “Should we buy or lease a car?” We understand spending involves needs and wants, but only you can determine which is which and how important they are to you. Our cash flow planning system builds a realistic plan that supports your future goals.

We Know That Life Can Throw Curve Balls & Wild Pitches

It’s far better to set up a plan with the understanding that major life events may happen and minor adjustments to your plan can be made along the way. For example, most people see their doctor once per year for a physical because the sooner you discover a problem, the easier it is to fix. For this reason we don’t just present a financial plan, we monitor it behind the scenes on an ongoing basis in order to help keep you financially healthy.