Ep139:  Charitable Giving with John Nersesian of PIMCO

About This Episode

Today’s show is the second episode of a two-part series, where Patti invites John Nersesian of PIMCO Investment Management into the studio.  John is the head of Advisor Education at PIMCO, providing advanced wealth management and planning techniques, as well as investment consulting education to financial professionals.  In this episode, Patti and John discuss the record-breaking charitable giving statistics for 2022 in the United States, and then take it a step further by offering several strategies that make charitable giving more impactful. These are intentional steps that have tax benefits as well as allowing the donor to be more intentional in their giving. This episode also educates the listener in a variety of advanced planning tools that could be of significant value if one is looking to add philanthropy into their estate planning.



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