Ep131: Long-Term Care Considerations

About This Episode

As the majority of the baby boomer generation is well into retirement mode, and the earliest born in Gen X is beginning to think about retirement, one of the biggest expenditures during that last season of life will be medical expenses.  Nobody ever plans on getting in an accident, or being diagnosed with an illness or debilitating disease, but prudent investors must plan for the possibility of needing long term healthcare coverage. With the myriad of plans and options out there to consider, Patti dedicates this episode to discussing as many healthcare coverage options as possible in retirement that she can.  There are nuances and considerations for each alternative and Patti breaks down the risks and advantages of each. This episode is the next in the podcast series, #AskPattiBrennan - a series of episodes in which Patti answers one of her listener’s frequently asked questions.  These podcasts are shorter in length and address one FAQ or RAQ (a rarely asked but should be asked) question.

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