Ep 151 – Headlines and Human Nature: Investing with Insight Featuring Sam Baez

About This Episode

In this insightful episode of "The Patti Brennan Show," Patti is joined by the insightful and entertaining Sam Baez for an engaging discussion on the current economic landscape. Patti and Sam explore key events, market timing, and the importance of focusing on individual financial goals. Highlights from the episode include: • Market Timing & Time Travel: Sam uses a fun time-travel concept to explain why predicting market movements is impossible. • Reflecting on 2023: A look back at major events like the SVB collapse and the ongoing Russia-Ukraine conflict, and their impact on the markets. • Investment Strategies: The importance of planning for personal goals such as retirement, buying a home, and saving for college, rather than reacting to market noise. • Client-Centric Approach: How Key Financial prioritizes clients' unique needs and long-term goals over market headlines.

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