Ep 145 What is Economic 3D Reset? A Conversation With Johanna Kyrklund of Schroders

About This Episode

In this episode of "The Patti Brennan Show," host Patti Brennan continues her conversation with Johanna Kyrklund, Chief Investment Officer at Schroders, who shares her insights on the economy and the paradigm shift known as the 3D Reset. This is part 2 of a two-part series. Kyrklund discusses the three key trends shaping the economic landscape: demographics, decarbonization – focused on climate change, and deglobalization. She explains how these factors are leading to a new investment regime characterized by a shift in the trade-off between growth and inflation. Kyrklund points out that interest rates are fundamental to how everything is priced in the financial world, which results in big implications on how investors will manage their money. Patti and Johanna also discuss proper asset allocations between US and International investment tools based on the 3D Reset.

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