Ep 144 An International Economic Forecast with Johanna Kyrklund of Schroders Investments

About This Episode

In this episode of "The Patti Brennan Show," host Patti Brennan interviews Johanna Kyrklund, Chief Investment Officer at Schroders, who shares her insights on the economy and the paradigm shift known as the 3D Reset. Kyrklund discusses the three key trends shaping the economic landscape: demographics, decarbonization, and deglobalization. She explains how these factors, accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic, are leading to a new investment regime characterized by a shift in the trade-off between growth and inflation. Kyrklund emphasizes the importance of understanding the policy divergence among different economies and provides insights into the implications for various asset classes, including bonds. The conversation touches on the unique challenges and opportunities presented by this significant structural shift, offering listeners valuable perspectives on navigating the evolving financial landscape.



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