Ep134: Does An Annuity Fit Within My Financial Plan?

About This Episode

As investors consider different streams of income during their retirement years, annuities often come up in conversation.  To some it is a viable alternative, to others it is a very confusing and sometimes misunderstood alternative. There are multiple considerations to take into account when researching annuities, and Patti breaks down the risks and advantages of each. What may be a great annuity option for one individual, may also be detrimental to someone else.  How does one decide if an annuity fits within a financial plan? This episode will answer that question and more.  It is the next in the podcast series, #AskPattiBrennan - a series of episodes in which Patti answers one of her listener’s frequently asked questions.  These podcasts are shorter in length and address one FAQ or RAQ (a rarely asked but should be asked) question.

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