College Education and Funding Alternatives

Ep6: What To Do When Crisis Hits

Patti Brennan: Have you ever been faced with a situation that you weren't prepared for? Typically, in our financial lives, financial difficulty and family hardship

Ep3: Man vs. Machine

Patti Brennan: In this episode, we're talking robo‑advisors versus human advisors. What are the pros and cons of each one? Let's just really look at

Ep2: Investing with Emotion

Patti Brennan:  Welcome to "The Patti Brennan Show." Hey, whether you have $20 or $20 million, this episode is for those of you who want

Ep1: Year End Tax Planning Tips

Patti Brennan: Welcome again to the Patti Brennan Podcast. Today, joining me is Eric Fuhrman. He's our Chief Planning Officer. Thank you so much for