Meet Dina Porter

Planning Consultant
"There are three choices in life: Give up, give in, or give it all you’ve got." – Unknown

Dina is responsible for maintaining financial planning data. Dina is a graduate of Emmanuel College in Boston, Massachusetts with a double major in Economics and Political Science. She has been in the investment industry since 1991 and with Key Financial, Inc. since 2000. Prior to joining us, Dina worked at The Vanguard Group and Lockwood Financial Services.

In her spare time, Dina loves to travel and trains her Dressage horses, Colgin IX (Cole) and Camen S (Cami). She spends her free time attending dressage clinics, volunteering and competing at local and regional Dressage competitions.

Get to Know Me

What would your personal reality show be called?
Horsing Around.
What’s the greatest lesson you’ve learned in life thus far?
Horses teach us how to lose gracefully.
If a young person came to you asking what’s the most important thing for living a good life, what would you say?
Don’t ignore your passion.

My Hobbies

This or That ...

Coke or Pepsi?
Eagles or Cowboys?
Dogs or Cats?